So, at the end of day one of 50 over 50 Madmen we have the following excellent nominations.

Wnek. Gosper and Pinnington. All of them madmen. All of them over 50.

Brian Child. Tim Lindsay, Jim Marshall, and the most elegant Mark Cramner.

Not forgetting the legendary Cornelius Trunchpole.

But wait a minute. Where are the Madwomen? At the risk of appearing ungallant, I shall nominate my top three  over 50 (just) Madwomen.

Mandy Pooler. Currently head of development at Kantar, Mandy is the archetypal ‘media woman.’ She was the first ever CEO of Mindshare, and has been Adwoman of the year. Deservedly so.

Stevie Spring.  CEO of Future Publishing, Stevie has also been MD of Young and Rubicam and CEO of Clear Channel. She is temporarily on loan to the world of publishing where she is doing an awesome job.

And last but not least, MT Rainey. Founder of CEO of the social mentoring network  Horses Mouth, MT is also chairwoman of digital agency Th_nk. Previously founder of Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe, MT is the is the most brilliant person I have ever worked with.

If you have anyone you would like to nominate for the high50 50 OVER 50 MADMEN list, don’t keep ’em to yourself….

  • mark Pettit

    Dean Lovett, CEO McCann Erickson Central, who is 53

  • Phil Cockrell

    Have to agree with the MT Rainey recommend- but Jim Kelly must get a mention too. A man who always got things done and was never short of a good quote, including “When the toothpaste is out of the tube, there’s no getting it back in again…” 

  • Helen St Quintin

    Dave Trott – mad as a box of frogs but still great

  • Helen St Quintin

    And as for Madwomen… I don’t know if she’s 50, if she is she certainly doesn’t look it but Cilla Snowball. Proof that you don’t have to a bitch to be successful.

  • mark cakebread

    Roger Kennedy – Pushed the boundaries in typography and design within the advertising industry.

  • Mucho Bellsackio

    The remarkably well-preserved Joanne Webb gets my vote (and you Bob – natch’ly)


    This list would not be complete without the inclusion of Paul Bainsfair

  • Markham Smith

    Mad Women over 50.  Chris Hodgkiss gets my vote.

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