People ask me why did I stop writing the (Beta) blog? I guess the answer is I needed a little rest. I am, after all, aged 52. But now we’re back.

high50, the first of our ‘branded communities’ is nearly two weeks old. You may have read about it. Today high50 goes live with its most exciting bit of content yet. Diana at 50. (She would have been 50 on the 1st of July.)

We’ve scooped everyone. Tim Willis, high50’s editor quite rightly pushed to go early.  Diana at 50? Opinions of a panel of experts and friends of Diana’s will be published on high50 today.

We’ve got 20 poster sites around London inviting everyone to join the debate. What kind of 50 year old would Diana have been?

Well, what are you waiting for?

  • Cheesy McWhirter

    She would probably be living in California and have her own show.

  • Stephen Ward

    I think you mean 1st of July Robert?

  • Jane Booth

    The blog…it’s back. And not before time. I love high50. It’s about time someone put Saga in the old people’s home. Well done everyone.

  • robert campbell

    Apologies Stephen. You are, of course, correct. I meant July 1st. Now corrected in text. Forgive my senior moment.

  • Jo Arden

    I think she would have been all over high50 as probably one of the most noted figures to make a stand against ‘what was expected’, shame she didn’t get longer to continue that

  • nick maddison

    high50 or Hip Replacement, But which is better…There’s only one way to find out….fight !

  • Phil Cockrell

    I’m only 49! Is there a waiting list? Roll on next year!

  • kingpin

    Glad to see the blog back – long may it continue. Diana would be the elegant counterbalance to Fergie – good looking, a little more scrupulous, and likely in attendance at the wedding…

  • Ed Owen

    Good work beta – campaign should get traction

  • Gareth Jones

    Perfect timing for high50 after last night’s Apprentice failed to satisfy the older market with the wonderfully titled Hip Replacement….

  • Ed Owen

    Good work beta – campaign should get some traction. Are we able to get over her passing yet?

  • Cheesy McWhirter

    The image of Diana above could be subtitled ‘As seen through the eyes of Henri Paul at 2.00am on August 31st, 1997.’

  • James Webb

    She may have started her own trust, or charity

  • Tom Foster

    Upstaging Pippa.

  • Cheesy McWhirter

    ..and it’s good to see she is wearing two seat-belts in that photo.

  • Imke Thielemann

    Wohooo the blog is back :o) And great article about Diana on http://www.high50.com/archives/life-times/diana-at-fifty

  • Luci Herring

    Catherine certainly would have had a different engagement ring…

  • Martin Chown

    Living a happy, normal life. So normal that the paparazzi wouldn’t even bother her (I’d like to think).

  • Sam Gilmore

    Diana’s 3D Minesweeper would have been a big. If there’s one thing we need its more celebrity endorsed video games.

  • haily simms

    Kate Middleton’s bff

  • Stephanie Taylor

    She’d be a prolific tweeter, blogging ‘Diana on Earth’. And would be immensly proud of the way her lads have turned out.

  • Graham Stewart

    Watch the apprentice to see how not to do it (but at least they had a go!) and look at high50 to see how it should be done

  • Sarah Dewe-Mathews

    an interesting concept, will be watching to see how this gathers speed and looking out for any other coverage

  • Tony Roberts

    I Wonder if Diana would have been a Muslim by now?
    If so she would have made a great ambassador for the hard working majority of Muslims who have had their great religion used by the mindless extremists for their evil aims.

  • Richard MacKichan

    We wouldn’t have become so attached to Cheryl Cole that’s for sure. Especially as guest judge Diana voted her off Popstars: The Rivals in 2002.

  • Lady Penelope

    She’d be CEO of Diana INC: Over taking Charlie on the Rich List thanks to her best selling underwear and swimwear ranges (all modelled coyly by herself, of course).
    Her novels would have been ghost written and her sales-breaking autobiography ought to have been.
    Her eponymous perfume would smell of citrus and a faint hint of desperation.
    Madonna would swear by her branded,Tahitian-skinny-chakra-enriched bottled water. All proceeds to good causes, natch.

  • Karen Peett

    Kate’s Kings Road shopping buddy. Although I quite fancy that job myself!!

  • jenny biggam

    TCR poster looks great guys – nice one. Have you bought the Hip Replacement url though? Do it!

  • Clive Richards

    Diana would hopefully have been at one with herself and rightly proud of her grounded and down to earth lads, who seem to understand what makes Britain tick…

  • Clive Richards

    She hopefully would have been at one with herself and rightly proud of her grounded and down to earth ‘Royal’ lads…

  • David Jones

    Diana (God rest her soul), at 50? She would have outdone Kate at the wedding, and would have had a plus-one of fifty limbless beggars all singing a bitter version of Land of Hope & Glory. She would have been radiant and vivid and kind and humble; she’d be single, following a decade of furious banter about her consorts, and she’d take the bus everywhere. Maybe she’d have her own bus. A Diana Bus. Just for her and her people. Diana at 50 would live in a Palace in the park and if it were all so, Madonna would still be here living with us on our isle too. They’d be friends, see? And, maybe they’d write books together, for children, who needed them to do so. Diana would be a fifty-year-old pin-up. And I’m almost certain that I’d still like her, as I did when she was whatever age she was when she was taken from us. Happy Birthday Di.

  • Stephanie Taylor

    She’d be a prolific Tweeter, masquerading as a middle-aged male Royal Correspondent for the Daily Mail.

  • Stefan Tarr

    She did so much in such a short amount of time. Her spirit lives on and dreams continue but I often wonder, who will be next the person to challenge the world on so many levels as she did?

  • Chris S

    Ageing gracefully, young at heart, active, charitable, loving her life, free. Probably the perfect advocate for high50- shame she’s not still with us..

  • Sophia Matthew

    She’d be looking amazing and living life to the fullest. No doubt she would also be elbowing William and Kate to give her some grandchildren!

  • Sophia Matthew

    She would be looking amazing and living life to the fullest and working for the UN. I’d imagine, she’d also be elbowing William and Kate to give her grandchildren!

  • Sarah Chadwick

    Diana 50? Wow! She’ll always be 36 to us though; not much older than Kate is now – weird. Sure she would have been a great face of High50, keep up the good work guys…

  • mark jarvis

    Convinced she’d have grown into a truly global brand and the Royal family would have been so different today

  • vicky crouch-marlow

    I think she would have got away from the UK, maybe spending her time with those who needed it in third world countries…..glamping style!

  • vicky crouch-marlow

    I think she would being living away from the UK, spending her time with those who needed it the most! ……. with some glamping on the side!

  • Chris Worsley

    She would have married (badly) for the third time and be advertising Iceland like all good bad mothers to pay the bills. Struggling with her weight and of absolutely no consequence so in that case like she was already was bar the other 2 marriages………..and the Iceland contract.

  • Andy Jones

    welcome back robert. i like this 😉

  • mark Pettit

    she’d have been looking after Prince Harry following his latest split from Chelsea Davy

  • Marysa T

    I can imagine she would be aging gracefully and would be every minute the beautiful and classy women we knew her to be.

  • Iain Lindsay

    She’d defiantly be a mother!

  • Iain Lindsay

    *She’d definitely be a proud mother!

  • Jacqui Gotts

    definately not as wrinkly as me and i’m only 43!

  • Laura Adams

    She would of still been a very elegant woman. Great debate Beta!

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