We’re on our way back from Washington. Our
client there is a philanthropic organization called Humanity United.

One of their projects is the formation of a
coalition called ATEST. (The alliance to end slavery and trafficking.)

Currently the coalition has nine member
organizations. Each of them focusing on a different aspect of slavery and, or,
human trafficking.

We’re helping them shape the ‘brand’ and
figure out how ATEST might position itself, and communicate going forward.

It’s been a fascinating few days. We’ve
been discovering the truth behind modern-day slavery, and it isn’t pretty.

Legal nowhere, modern-day slavery is prevalent in every corner of the world Figures suggest that there are currently 27
million slaves on earth.

Half of them are children.

20% of them are working in the global sex

Slavery is Europe’s second biggest illicit
industry after the arms trade.

There’s every chance slaves are making your
mobile phone. Cleaning your office. Washing up in your favourite restaurant. Looking after the children next door.

Killing time, we browse the duty free shops
at Dulles airport.

One of the concessions is offering three ‘I
love Washington’ t shirts for $15. ‘I’ll take some home for the kids’ I think
to myself.

And then I think again.

  • Kim Jong-il

    Me been trying to get it up to 28.

    But they keep dying.

    OK, bye bye now

  • Jayne Marar

    a client well worth having and the best use of advertising.

  • gotnoteef

    how do they define ‘Slave’?

  • Chris Wilson

    Robert, before I start, I think it’s great you’re working for these guys. It’s horrific and utterly shameful that slavery is still so rife in 21st Century. I am confused though – there’s two worringly similar sounding organisations out there. ATEST AND ASSET – both seem to do the same thing. Please tell me you’re going to sort this out as well?! It can’t be helpful….

  • Dara Bell

    A short succint and socially moving. Nice you embedded that video in the text. I will have to look at this video and continue to follow your posts.

    Dara Bell

  • robert campbell

    ASSET is the Alliance to Stop Slavery and End Trafficking. ATEST is the Alliance to end slavery and trafficing. ASSET is a member of the coalition. ATEST is the organising body of the coalition, and our client. Yes, its confusing, but you’ve gotta start somewhere! Best. Robert.

  • robert campbell

    Gotnoteef. There is no clear definition of slave currently. I think it would be fair to say that it is an ambition of the coalition to create a clearer definition. R.

  • Advertising Ageny Berlin

    This is definitely a case of the advertising industry working for the good of everyone (for a change!). Hope it works out with the client!

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